Founded in 2002

The Santa Barbara County Benevolent Firefighters Foundation was created out of the bond and cherished traditions of firefighting. The Foundation is meant to both embody the values of firefighting and serve as a means of collecting and raising funding in support of firefighters and their families.

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Firefighter Funded

Firefighters are primary investors in the Benevolent Foundation because it ensures continued care for their families even in the worst of circumstances. From medical bills to memorial services or helping to overcome any unexpected hardships, the Benevolent Foundation offers a source of stability even under tragic circumstances.

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Firefighter Memorial

Completed in 2012 with careful planning and funding from the Santa Barbara County Benevolent Firefighters Foundation, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department Fallen Firefighter Memorial features a larger-than-life statue and plaque honoring those Santa Barbara County Firefighters who have fallen in the line of duty. The statue, entitled “Charge the Line,” was sculpted by former Santa Barbara County Fire Chief Richard R. Peterson and installed at the Memorial at the Fire Department Headquarters, 4410 Cathedral Oaks Road in Santa Barbara as a tribute from the Benevolent Foundation.

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Scholarships for Children of Firefighters

The Santa Barbara County Benevolent Firefighters Foundation funds scholarships for children of injured and deceased firefighters. The ability to continue to support families and invest in childrens’ futures is fundamental to the mission of the Benevolent Foundation. Funding from firefighters and funds raised through the Benevolent Foundation directly support young adult children of stricken firefighters who pursue higher education.

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